Traditional or Modern Wedding?

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Here is a joke about making the choice between a traditional or a modern wedding. This little funny story could be adapted for use in a either a Father of the Bride or Best Man speech.

A young couple were looking forward to the big day. They had met the vicar and set a date for the wedding.  During the course of their meeting the vicar asked them if  they would prefer a modern or a traditional service.  They thought carefully and decided to have a modern service.  On the day of the wedding there was a terrible storm. It was so bad that the groom had  to abandon the car and make the rest of the journey to church on foot.  It was torrential rain and the streets were flooded. He rolled up his trousers in an attempt to keep them dry.  Inevitably he was late at the church and was immediately immediately hustled up the aisle just as the ceremony was starting.  The vicar looked at him and whispered: “Pull down your trousers.”  The groom smiled nervously and stuttered : “Er,er, actually, Vicar, I’ve changed my mind.  I think could we just have the traditional service?”

Retain the story line but put it into your own words and use the names of your own bride and groom. Keep the punch line the same. Have fun!

Have you got any really good wedding jokes? Share them using the comment section below.

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