How To Quickly Resize Your Wedding Photos

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With the advent of digital cameras we all take more photos than ever before. It’s so easy to click away and with memory cards able to store hundreds if not thousands of pictures there is no stopping us!

Weddings are very photo hungry affairs and it’s easy to find yourself clicking away like mad, especially at the reception or evening do. The Honeymoon is also bound to result in quite a collection of cherished photographic memories.

The problem with accumulating photos in such large numbers is the editing afterwards. This can be very time consuming.

Even more of a consideration is storage. The average file size is between 2 and 3Gb. Having hundreds and hundreds of photos on your computer hard drive is using up a lot of space and this can eventually affect the performance of your PC or Lap Top. If you are going to keep photos on your computer consider reducing the file size. This also helps if you want to upload pictures to the Internet or email them to friends.

A very useful piece of FREE software is  called Photo Re-sizer It is ‘open source’   which means you don’t have to pay anything but you are invited to make a donation to the owner if you are pleased with the product. This software is great because it allows you to bulk resize your photos all in one go thus saving you a great deal of time and effort. It’s is very easy to set up. Here’s how :

To use Photo Resizer follow these steps :

  1. Go to the web site and download the software onto your computer.
  2. Once installed go to All Programs on your Start Menu, click to view the list, find Photo Resize and drag and drop the icon to your desk top.
  3. Put all of the photos you wish to resize together into their own folder if they are not already in one.
  4. Reduce the window so that you can see both your photo folder and the picture-resize icon on your desk top.
  5. In your photo folder, Select all
  6. Drag all of your photos from their folder and drop them on the Photo Resize icon on your desk top.
  7. A black dialog box will appear on your desk top. This is normal.
  8. Bulk resize starts automatically. Check your photo folder and you will find a new copy of each picture at a much reduced size.
  9. Close the black box when the process is complete.
  10. All your photos should now be optimised to a new much smaller size in just a few minutes.

This process is very quick and easy. You will now have two copies of each picture, the original plus the optimised one. You might want to experiment with a small number of photos to try it out.

To adjust the size of the final image just rename the icon, changing the number at the end. I have changed mine to PhotoResize800.exe which reduces the file size from 2Gb to about 65Kb which is perfect for web sites or email.

Try different settings ie PhotoResize600.exe or PhotoResize400.exe and see what you get.

There may be some loss of picture quality but you will have to find which setting you are happy with.

I hope you find this article useful. If you do decide to try this out I’d love to know how you get on.

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