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Most couples do like to have a Guest Book at their wedding reception. It is customary for everyone present to write a note conveying their best wishes and often appending an appropriate sentiment or sometimes a humorous remark. The Guest Book is an important memento of the wedding day not only providing a record of who attended but also a wonderful reminder of a very happy occasion. It is therefore essential to ensure everyone remembers to make an entry.

Sometimes the Guest Book is placed on a table near to the entrance to the function room or at some venues there is a special pedestal which can be positioned in a prominent place. It needs to be somewhere that is in full view and where it is easily accessible. A pen should be provided.

It is a good idea to ask a trusted person to take charge of the Guest Book and ensure that all present do write something in it. If you do not have a Toastmaster then the Best Man or one of the ushers would be ideal.

The most effective way to ensure that everyone signs the Guest Book is to have it passed round the tables during the wedding breakfast. Providing that this begins as soon as the guests sit down it should be completed before the speeches begin ( assuming that they will be taking place after the meal ).

I do recommend that thought is given to the Guest Book as it would be a terrible disappointment afterwards to find that some of the guests had been missed out.

Do you have any other suggestions regarding the Guest Book? Share your thoughts and ideas by making a comment below.

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