Hog Roasts for Weddings or any Special Occasion

Here is some useful information on Hog Roasts from guest contributor and Hog Roast expert Lee Dawson:

Hi I’m Lee Dawson owner and head chef of Bouncing Hogs n Bars, Yorkshire. This article i hope will be of some considerable use to anyone whom may be thinking of having a hog roast for their wedding or special occasion. I have been heading up Bouncing Hogs n Bars for about 4 years now carry out about 450ish events each and every year. We are passionate about our hog roasts, and believe in good honest food. So what makes a good hog roast? Well we get asked this a lot and our answer is simply ‘pulled pork’. Pulled pork is an American term that means to any chef worth his whites; meat that is tender, in fact so tender it falls from the bone, but not dry, it has to be moist with all the natural juices of the crackling and meat still there when you cut into the hog. (The cooking method for this we keep secret) Then on the outside of the hog the crackling should be a nice dark golden brown in colour slightly salted to ensure a delicious crisp finish. The results for your wedding or special occasion will be evident from the comments you will receive from your guests, these will be; “that’s the best tasting pork I have ever tasted” or “I have never tasted pork as nice as that” these are comments that we get on every event that we do.

Hog Roast by Bouncing Hogs n Bars

Delicious Hog Roast by Bouncing Hogs n Bars

Hog roasts provide a centre piece for any occasion but for weddings is perfect as guests can gather around it to see it cooking and finishing off. This is perfect because it gives guests that all important topic of conversation that will make your wedding or special occasion one that they will remember for years to come. Thinking of having a hog roast? You should ensure that the company you use for a hog roast has;

Being VAT registered is not really required but another good sign of a reputable company or business.

  • They use CE approved machines, this is for two reasons; In order to have adequate insurance the ovens/machines need to have a gas certificate and that can only be given if the machine is CE approved.
  • They should be registered with the local Environmental Health Office, therefore having strict procedures to follow for handling and cooking food.
  • All staff should have a minimum of basic food handling and hygiene certificates along with at least one person holding an advanced certificate
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