A Most Romantic Proposal

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I was once asked to help organise the setting  for a very romantic proposal of marriage. The gentleman concerned wanted to do something very special for the lady in his life. He had arranged to bring his intended up to Richmond, Yorkshire for a weekend break but of course she knew nothing of his plans. He had hired the Culloden Tower which is a beautiful historic building standing on top of a small hill close to the town centre and overlooked by the castle. The Tower is  surrounded by beautiful woodland with the lovely River Swale meandering past at the bottom of the hill.

His idea was to arrive on the Friday evening and cook a dinner for two and afterwards, pop the question.

Culloden Tower is a ” Folly ” now owned by a trust and  available for private hire. Some very famous people have stayed there. Although it is near to the town centre it is secluded, being in its own grounds which are surrounded by a high stone wall. There are wrought iron gates and a private drive leading up the hill to the entrance. It’s very picturesque.

The gentleman requested that we decorate the rooms inside with heart balloons. He wanted the wow factor when they first walked in to the place. My wife Hazel has very good taste and as she is a qualified balloon decorator she was able to make up some delightful arrangements which we placed in the entrance and in the lounge and dining room.

Finally he asked for a bag piper in full regalia to stand on the hill beneath their window to play during the meal

The weather was perfect. It was a warm summers evening and the piper played as the sun set. It could not have been any more romantic than this.

Oh to be a fly on the wall. I wish I could have been there to see the lady’s reaction when he made the proposal. I do know she said yes. Did he go down on one knee. I have to imagine he did but I guess I’ll never know.

Have you a good story about a wedding proposal?  What’s your idea of a romantic proposal?

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