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Wedding cakes are an important aspect of the wedding reception. Much thought is given to the type of cake and what the design will be. It is inconceivable that a couple could get married without a wedding cake. Of course some couples choose a very simple cake whilst others have a cake which is in several layers, beautifully decorated and with special ingredients. The choice is endless.

The siting of the wedding cake also needs careful consideration. Too often this is overlooked. The wedding cake is symbolic and should take pride of place at the wedding reception. It should be in a prominent position where everyone can see it.

The cake should be placed on a table with solid legs. Don’t  use a trestle table with folding legs as these have been known to collapse. It does happen!

Make sure that the table is covered with a table cloth which is immaculately clean and ironed. All of the focus should be on the cake, not on the fact that the cloth has a tear in it or is uneven etc. Attention to detail is important.

Don’t put the cake near to where people are walking in and out of the room if there is any possibility that someone could bump into it.

Make sure the cake table is on a solid floor. Marquees are notorious for having springy floors. Check the floor if you are having your reception in a marquee.

Allow sufficient space at the side and behind the table for the bride and groom to stand whilst photographs are taken.

Take a look at what is behind the wedding cake as this will be in photographs too. Nobody wants to see a sign for the gents in the back ground of them cutting their wedding cake.

Consider lighting. It’s best not to have the cake in a dark corner. It’s also not ideal to have the cake in front of a window where bright sunlight is streaming in behind the happy couple as the guests will be blinded and it will make taking pictures difficult.

Finally, as the wedding cake is so important why not make it a focal point in the room by having a floral display or balloon arch to draw the eye to the cake.

Table for the wedding cake with balloon arch over.

If you are involved in the wedding business or have any thoughts from organising your own wedding regarding the  the siting of the wedding cake please do use the comments section below to join in the discussion. Thanks, Ron.

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4 thoughts on “Wedding Cakes Take Pride Of Place

  1. Great advice! May I also add; always make sure that your wedding cake is in safe hands while you are in the wedding venue. I recently attended a wedding where the cake maker had the cake delivered in sections to the reception venue, while she attended the wedding itself. She arrived at the reception to discover that someone had attempted to assemble it in her absence, with disastrous results. There was nothing for it but to throw rose petals all over it and hope the bride didn’t notice; which thankfully she didn’t! Jenny,

  2. People are often too trusting and just expect everything to fall into place. A wedding is such an important event. You only get one chance to get it right. Even then things sometimes still go wrong. Your story is another good example of this. Thanks for sharing.

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