Where To Put Your Toastmaster

It is the bride and grooms decision as to where the Toastmaster ( TM ) should be based during the wedding breakfast.

The Toastmaster is there to ensure the smooth running of the wedding reception and needs to be where he can keep a watchful eye on proceedings.

It is usual to provide the TM with a meal and so it is a good idea to have a small table laid out near to and in view of the top table. This could be either slightly behind or to the side of the top table depending on space.

I do think it is important when I am TM to be on hand should the bride and groom need me. I like to be able to see everyone so that I can respond if any of the guests require assistance. I also like to be able to walk round the tables and check that the guests are being looked after properly and are enjoying the meal etc.

The bride should ask the venue to lay out a small table with a proper place setting, table cloth, serviette etc. This should be specified at the planning stage and not as an after thought otherwise it may spoil the look of the room.

Toastmaster Ron Wood announcing the speeches at a wedding

Introducing the wedding speeches

Although most hotels offer an MC service as part of the package it is not like having a proper Toastmaster. Once it was standard practice to have a senior waiter or floor manager in the room at all times during a formal meal. This is no longer the case. At many venues the waiters serve and then ALL go out leaving no one in attendance.  Also most waiting staff are youngsters with limited experience. It is therefore even more important to have the Toastmaster in the dining room during the wedding breakfast so that THERE IS an experienced, friendly person on hand to provide that extra level of service.

Do think carefully about where to put your Toastmaster. Make sure you arrange to have your TM in a good location where he can see what is going on and provide good service by responding to the needs of you and your guests.

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