What Not To Put In Your Wedding Speech

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Here are a few things which you should avoid putting putting in your wedding speech :

  • Dirty Jokes. People are much more broad minded these days but vulgarity should be avoided at all costs. Whilst some guests may be OK with some close to the knuckle humour others may be offended.
  • In Jokes which only a few people may understand.
  • Anecdotes relating to what happened on the stag night or stories about things which might be funny to those people who were there but mean nothing to everyone else. Keep the stories you tell of a general nature so they can be appreciated by every one.
  • Anecdotes that go on too long. Keep it short.
  • Talking about the ex. Don’t bring up stuff about previous relationships.
  • Embarrassing information about the bride. You might think it’s funny but remember this is her big day so be very careful what you say and how far you go when talking about the bride. A few witty remarks are fine but don’t over do it.
  • Keep your language clean.

Remember a wedding is a family occasion and therefore your wedding speech should follow a middle path. There are likely to be elderly relatives present and possibly children too so choose your words carefully and try and pitch your speech to appeal to all.

Make it witty but keep it clean!

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