The Lucky Horse Shoe

A horseshoe on a door is regarded a protective...

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Explanation of an old wedding tradition – the lucky horse shoe

There is a legend dating back to the 10th Century which tells the tale of how Dunstan, The Arch Bishop of Canterbury and a formerĀ  blacksmith, outwits the devil. It seems that the devil asked Dunstan to reshoe his horses hoof but Dunstan recognises him and nails the new horse shoe on the devils hoof instead. It is so painful that the devil begs to have him remove it. Dunstan agrees but only if the devil promises never to enter a house where there is a horse shoe hanging over the door.

The lucky horse shoe is also supposed to help with fertility. They were often often given to the bride and groom or used as cake toppers to bring luck to the marriage. If put above a door they must be hung upside down otherwise the luck may fall out.

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