Seeing Double Wedding Trouble

Identical twins cause Toastmaster identity crisis

I have loads of brilliant memories from weddings where I’ve had the honour to be Master of Ceremonies. Life is full of surprises and I always remember the day that no one told me that the groom and best man were identical twins. I am sure this was not deliberate. Perhaps it had been mentioned to me at some stage during our early discussions about the wedding. I am sure it was not a practical joke although looking back it would have been a good one if it had been.

As I’ve said in other posts, there is always a bit of cutting about to be done before the wedding ceremony. As Toastmaster I am usually involved checking last minute details, confirming arrangements with various parties and making sure the groom and the best man are ok and know what’s happening, where they’ve got to be and when etc etc.

Imagine meeting the groom and discussing the timings with him, walking round the corner and bumping into him again a few minutes later and he doesn’t know what you are talking about.

It was only on the third meeting when I was in conversation with one and the other appeared that the penny dropped. I have to admit that I did a perfect double take before the smile came across my face.

It was a great wedding but I never was able to tell them appart. We had some interesting moments. Happy days!

Toastmaster Ron with the Groom and Best Man who were identical twins

Groom and Best Man with Ron

Have you suffered from a case of mistaken identity? Do you have a story about identical twins?  Post a comment below.

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