The Best Man’s Wedding Speech

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Help and advice for the best man.

The wedding speeches are an important part of the wedding reception. They usually take place after the wedding breakfast and normally the best man is the last to speak.

If there is no Master of Ceremonies / Toastmaster, then the best man may also be required to call the guests to order and introduce the other speakers. The father of the bride speaks first followed by the bride groom.

The following list contains the main points to include for a good best man speech.

  • Thank the MC for introducing him.
  • Thank the groom on behalf of everyone who has helped with the wedding ( assuming that the groom has just thanked them in his own speech )
  • Comment on what a fabulous wedding it has been and thank the brides parents on behalf of all the guests. You may want to raise your glass to them too.
  • Say what an honour it is to be the best man.
  • Thank the bride and groom for any gifts which may have been presented to helpers.
  • Pay compliments to the bride. Say how lovely she looks and how lucky the groom is to be marrying her.
  • Tell some humorous anecdotes about the groom. These could include details of him growing up. What kind of a person he is. Things that have happened in the run up to the wedding. Something about the stag night.
  • Read out any cards or telegrams.
  • Thank the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids for his kind words.
  • Offer the bride and groom your best wishes for a happy future together.
  • Propose a toast to the future happiness of the bride and groom.

You may also need to announce the cutting of the wedding cake unless there is an MC to do this.

After the wedding speeches you may also need to let everyone know what is happening next. What time the evening reception commences, what time and where the first dance will be, what time food will be served etc. Unless there is an MC to do this.

These are the main points to include in the best man’s speech. You can add to this or change it but if you follow this format you will have covered all of the essentials.

Let me know if you found this useful. Good luck, Ron.

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