Beware Of Helicopters

Andy and Amy arriving by helicopter
Image by Spanner Dan via Flickr

I was MC at a wedding one day and was advised by the Best Man that the Bride and Groom were arriving by helicopter. This was a surprise laid on by the Brides Father. Only a few people had been let in on the secret. The wedding guests were all present and I was asked to move them to a suitable place to watch the landing. Unfortunately a thick fog meanwhile descended and the hotel became engulfed in an impenetrable mist. We could hear the helicopter in the distance but there was no way it could land. No one had foreseen the possibility of bad weather and there was no contingency plan for this eventuality. Frantic phone calls were made to the helicopter base to find out where the helicopter might be able to land. As there was an airport within ten miles the Best man jumped in his car and sped off to collect the Bride and Groom. In the meantime the Groom had used his initiative and found a Taxi and was now speeding to the hotel in the opposite direction. Needles to say it all turned out fine in the end with the arrival of the Bride and Groom and the return of the Best Man, all be it, very late.
My advice for any one thinking of arriving at a wedding by helicopter or involving aircraft in their wedding plans in any way should¬† always have a contingency plan in case¬† anything goes wrong… especially the weather!

I’d be interested to hear any other tales involving helicopters and weddings. Please post a comment if you’ve got a funny story to tell.

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