How To Organise The Notes For Your Wedding Speech

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Having a really good set of notes is half the battle!

There are very few people who can stand up and give an eloquent and entertaining wedding speech without notes. To give a good speech requires thought and planning. Even the briefest of speeches need to be written down in some manner.

For those of you who are experienced public speakers there will be no point in reading further. My aim in this post is to offer a little friendly advice to the majority of people who are not accustomed to getting on their feet and addressing a large audience.

This post is not about planning your speech. It is about what to do with the words you are going to say or more precisely how to write it all down so that you can follow it easily.

If you are not an experienced public speaker then my advice is as follows:

1   Have the speech typed out word for word exactly as you intend to say it. Use your own language. Don’t use flowery speech if that’s not how you normally talk or it will not sound natural. It won’t sound like you. Don’t use hand writing as this can be tricky to read. If you must write by hand then use block capitals and write clearly.

2   Use A4 paper, it’s easier to handle and to read from.

3   Consider increasing the font size slightly so that you can read the words without straining.

4   Make sure you organise your wedding speech into blocks. For example, if you are the Father of the Bride you might begin by thanking everyone for coming. Your next block might be talking about your lovely daughter with a few funny stories about her child hood. You might wish to welcome your new Son In Law to the family. Leave a few lines between each block. So now you when you look at your pages it’s much easier to go to the right section.

5   Use a different colour ink for each block. Again this makes it much easier to find your place when referring back to the page.

6   Use bold text or underline important names. There’s nothing more embarrassing than forgetting someones name or getting it wrong.

7   Put the pages in order and then staple them together in one corner. I have seen people drop their notes and then get flustered whilst feverishly trying to pick them up and get them back in order again. Best avoided if possible.

8   Finally, make a spare copy of your speech and give it to the Master of Ceremonies to look after or put it in your wife’s hand bag. I have known people misplace their notes. It doesn’t happen very often but if you know you have a spare copy you it’s one less thing to worry about.

If you follow these guidelines you will be armed with a good set of notes, properly organised, easy to follow, easy to read, easy to handle, which you know are not going to fall apart and if anything goes wrong you’ve even got a spare copy in safe hands too.

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have. thanks, Ron

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